PATROL - All Weather Conditions

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Wether you are a deployed soldier or an avid backpacker, Native Planet's Patrol sock is the kind of heavy duty all-around sock that you'd want to be wearing. Suitable for most weather conditions, this technical sock delivers comfort and protection through nature's toughest terrains featuring TehcnoWool.



A combination of wool and acrylic fibers creates the Technowool, a fabric of uncompromised durability and softness. Acrylic fibers add to the Patrol's resilience, moisture wicking capability and friction blister reduction.

The Technowool is designed in a way that reduces the shearing forces during intense workouts. These forces tend to stretch the sock in opposite unaligned directions and thus reducing the compression forces. A good heavy duty sock should be able to withstand shear forces to allow comfortable hiking. 


Key Features:

* High performing functional yarn

* Wicks moisture outwards

* For all weather conditions

* Suitable for heavy duty or military uses

* High performance fibers

* Reduces friction blisters severity

* Reduces shearing forces


Made out of 36% Acrylic , 24% Wool, 27% Polyamide, 13% Spandex.


Design and Structure

The high performing Ramble sock sock has a triple-T cross-sectioned filaments, creating micro channels that increase the sock's vertical pressure and wick the moisture away from the skin, while keeping the hiker's foot dry and chilly. 

The NILIT® Innergy features "Micro-channels” in the fabric that, unlike any other type of fiber, naturally reject and pressurize the moisture away from its source.

Key Features

* Flat-knit toe seam for extra long comfort

* Y-shape hill support 

* Elasticized arch brace

* Mesh zones for increased ventilation

* Slip-free comfort top

* Reinforced cushioning areas for impact absorption 

* Triangular cushioning for optimal shock absorbing

* Rib cuffs for snug fit


Weather Adjustability

The Innergy is suitable for fair and cold weather conditions. It will keep you warm during winters and cool in while exercising.