Native Planet Honeycomb Compression Sleeve - Black and Red

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Fresh, groundbreaking design

We are proud to present the new Native Planet Honeycomb Compression Sleeve, featuring a groundbreaking hexagonal fabric structure that stimulates pressure around the leg to boost your physical performance.

Natural Strength

The Honeycomb is a geometric structure that appears in many natural and handmade systems. It provides a high out-of-plane compressive strength along with minimal material weight, enhancing the pressure evenly throughout Native Planet’s compression sleeve.

Geometric Durability 

The hexagonal properties of the honeycomb maximize the shear stress component of the material, thus allowing the Native Planet compression sleeve to withstand exceedingly high 3D force-per-area stresses and ramp its damage tolerance.

Stay dry and chilly

Using spontaneously moisture-wicking fabrics, the Native Planet Honeycomb keeps your skin dry and cold, increasing the body’s performance and deterring odors. The lack of liquid accumulation on the skin not only prevents bacteria development but also allows air to flow freely in and out.



* The only sleeve that employs a naturally compressive structure.

* Super lightweight 

* Boosts physical performance

* 3D Hexagonal force-per-area stress

* Highly durable

* Moisture wicking, breathable fabric

* Odor deterring 

* Prevents skin bacteria accumulation 

* Comes in a variety of colors and styles