Cool-Touch Coolmax® Sleeping Bag Liner

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Used on its own or as a sleeping bag liner, the Cool-Touch Coolmax® is an all-around accessory that keeps you chilly, dry, and comfortable in warm weathers. Not only made out of an ultra soft fabric that you just want to stay in, the Cool-Touch actively wicks moisture away to allow a temperature regulated sleep even when its hot out.



- Wicks moisture away to keep you dry and regulates temperature.

- Ultra soft and stretchy fabric.

- Very light, 9.5oz.

- Wash easily and keep your sleeping bag clean for longer.

- Mummy shaped, compatible with most sleeping bags.

- Drawcord around the hood with a cord-lock.


Technical Facts

- Weight: 9.5oz (265g).

- Dimensions (when spread): 35"(90cm) on 82" (210cm).