Royce Fonseca
Royce is an outdoor enthusiast, photographer and athlete. She’s a Northern California native and has a passion for our National Parks and public lands. Working as a Native Planet Ambassador, she shares a common goal of sharing photo’s, encouraging others to get outside and experience nature. When she’s not photographing epic locations you’ll find her running, cycling or competing in various athletic races. She loves obstacle course racing, particularly Spartan Races. She’s always running in her Native Planet socks and compression sleeves putting them through the extreme elements. You can follow her on Instagram here: @casunshine0508
Landon Faulkner
I'm Landon. My wife, kids, and I are from Ogden, Utah. By day I work as a Marketer and Product Manager, and by early morning I'm a trail and ultra runner. As a trail runner, I love living in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains, they offer unprecedented access to amazing trails and views. Outside of the Wasatch I love traveling to Southern Utah to enjoy the desert landscape, exploring with my family, and great spring and fall running. Outside of trail running, I am a general outdoors lover. Any excuse to get out with my family is great by me and we enjoy spending our time hiking, bouldering, or traveling around Utah exploring. Native Planet makes getting my training in that much easier. The undies are absolutely amazing, but my favorite product has to be the running socks, I am a runner after all. You can follow him on Instagram here: @landonfaulkner_
Colby Middlebrooks
My name is Colby Middlebrooks and I'm 33 years old. Originally from Las Vegas NV. Current home town is Yuba City Ca where my role is a Husband and father of 2 little girls.I was a wildland firefighter for over 10 seasons which started a love for the outdoors. My favorite place to travel,camp,hike and explore is Tahoe N.F.  I am very active in Obstacle Course Racing and living a healthy lifestyle. I also am very active within my community, I've been blessed to start a group that donates all proceeds to families in need. I regularly use Native Planet gear during my races and my outdoor adventures. Favorite products are the compression underwear, socks and compression sleeves.
You can follow him on Instagram here: @ryancolby84

Nina Gonzalez


Hey y’all! My name is Nina G. Gonzalez. I was born and raised in the border town of Laredo, Texas. ¡Sí, hablo español! I am a dog mom to my sweet 15-year-old Labrador/Boxer mix fur baby named Josie Girl.

 I left from my hometown to attend college at the University of Texas at Austin (UTA) to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. (Hook’em Horns!) After the UTA, I attended Texas State University in San Marcos and earned a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. (Eat’Em Up, Cats!) Since the age of 22, I have served in the field of public education. I am currently a Program Specialist in the Division of Charter School Administration at the Texas Education Agency.

 My favorite places to travel are California and Colorado. I have traveled so many times to California, it holds a special place in my heart. I now have a track record of traveling to “The Golden State” in April to celebrate my birthday. (Chances are, you can’t guess my age correctly. It’s the freckly face. LOL) As Colorado is somewhat near to Texas, I frequently travel to Colorado by car or plane for my hiking, trekking, and Nordic adventures.

 A lot of my hobbies and passions are centered around giving back to my community and making positive worldwide impacts. I am a true humanitarian, environmentalist, and animal rights activist. I volunteer several hours of my free time to worthy causes year-round. I am privileged to have combined my philanthropic efforts with my love for fitness, outdoor recreation, live music and sporting events, and motor sports.

 Hiking and trekking, either alone or with my team members from the Austin Mountaineers or the Austin Sierra Club, are what bring me the most joy. Being away from the noise of a busy city in our national parks and forests is where I find my heart is fullest. My eyes shine brighter and my heart grows bigger when I am at the summit of mountain tops surrounded by the beauty of nature.

 Follow my outdoor adventures on my Instagram page nina.takes.a.hike. You’ll be able to see me using my favorite products from Native Planet. I highly recommend their compression sleeves, running socks, and their specially designed socks for each of the four seasons.