About us

On a planet of such breathtaking views, no wonder we can’t stop exploring. Native Planet was formed by two trekking enthusiasts who shared a passion for traveling and outdoors. Understanding the lack of a truly high quality and durable set of equipment, they decided to embark on what later became their life challenge: creating a brand that will reflect their love for exploring the outdoors by offering innovative product solutions.


Environmental Vision

Behind each of our products stands Native Planet’s vision; we seek the finest yet most efficient and environmental friendly materials to be used in our manufacturing processes. Take for example our HEAT sock, which fibers’ are made out of a 100% natural coffee charcoal yarns that features anti-bacterial properties and integrated with an additive oxide that traps the hiker’s body heat for an extended amount of time. Every inch of our fabrics was tested afore-hand in labs (Contexbel Verviers  (Belgium) , Hua Mao Nano Tech (Taiwan)), carefully inspected by our team, and examined in the field times and again.



These days, the competition in our field is eventually dictated by the degree of complexity and thought that a brand is willing to invest behind the scenes of every product’s design. At Native Planet, you will find the kind of groundbreaking innovations no other brand can offer. For instance, our compression sleeve series, recommended by Dr. Ramy Levy, MD, incorporates a honeycomb geometrical structure to produce a 3D hexagonal force-per-area stress, sewed using a spontaneously moisture wicking fiber. This way, the Native Planet Honeycomb Compression Sleeve achieves the thinnest, most pressuring and moisture wicking title on the market.

Last year we launched the first hiking sock to use the new Far Infra-red Technology ®, the Native Planet INNERGY. As our body radiates energy through the skin in the form of low intensity infrared rays, the Innergy fabric reflects the energy back to the skin and preserves the heat, while moisture is being wicked away. The gentle heat that is emitted by the fibers invigorates the body and enhances muscle performance, elasticity and recovery. Innergy users will experience reinforced muscle stimulation while exercising.